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A Natural Born Attention Whore
Turned Advertising Creative

Mandatory 80s school portrait laser photo. Buck-tooth cheesing it!

I’m a man who was born a whore for attracting, keeping, and basking in other people’s attention. See how unnecessarily long I made that? I wanted your eyeballs for a few extra precious seconds.

I didn’t always know this about myself. Or openly admit it.

Perhaps writing my “About Me…

Agree for Sapiens as a book-reco, and there's so much more to say too!

Sapiens is the "history lesson we deserved but never got" as one commenter said. The beginning of the book was especially fascinating. When we often refer to "Hunter Gatherers", I'd previously thought of the Hunters living…

#1: Sentence subjects are like jabs — quick ones set up knockouts.

Readers like a quick start. They like it when your words land easily and can be followed without confusion.

Keep the subject of your sentences reasonably short. Less than six words can be a good limit. This helps readers get to your verb faster, which tells them what action is…

Uber confirmed the success of a test-pilot program to allow passengers to ride in their favorite beater cars from the 90’s. The option is targeted to appeal to the nostalgia of the generation who lived in the halcyon days before modern auto conveniences.

James Howerton, Uber CMO, said “We recently…

Ross Cauvel

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